In  these  Terms  and  Conditions,  you  will  find  information  about  our  rights  and   obligations  relating  to  the  use  of  our  product  and  services. We  recommend  you   carefully   read  these  terms  and  conditions .

Article  1. Definitions

Terms  and  Conditions

The  terms  and  conditions  contained  in  this  document


Any  service  that  is  offered  by  fyr

LogIn Information

The  combination  of   Customer  username  and  password   necessary  to  place  an  order  on  our  Website


The legal  person  that  has  placed  an  order  on  our  website


The  cooperation  fyr  coöperatie  U.A.,  registered  and  located  at   Maastrichter   Smedenstraat  28c, 6211  GL, The  Netherlands.


The  agreement  between   Customer   and  fyr  to  be  concluded  upon  placing  and  order   for  our  Product  and//oor  making  use  of  our  Services.


A  product  offered  on  the  Website  by  fyr

Privacy  Statement

The  privacy  policy  of  fyr,  which  can  be  found  on  the  Website.


Fyr’s  website  where  the  Product(s) and  Services   are  offered;

Article  2.   Applicability

1. The  Terms  and  Conditions  are  applicable  to  any  offer  the  fyr  sets  forth  on  the   Website, the  use  of  the  Website,  and  any  Agreement  concluded  via  the  Website.

2. Fyr   may  supplement  or  modify to  these  T erms  and  Conditions  at  any  time. Changes  are  not  applicable  to already  concluded  Agreements. The  most  recent   Terms  and  Conditions  can  be  found  on  the  Website.  In  the
event  that  the   Customer   does  not  agree  with  the  modified  agreement, the   Customer   no  longer   is  able  to  place   an  order.

3. Fyr  explicitly  rejects  any  terms  and  conditions  from the   Customer .  These  will  be   treated  as  non - applicable  to  the  Agreement  between  fyr  and  the   Customer.

Article  3. Offer  and  formation  of  the  Agreement

1. The Agreement is concluded by accepting the Terms and Conditions as part of completing the order

2. Any offer on the Website is non-binding and may be immediately revoked at any time.

3. Fyr is not bound to any obvious errors or mistakes relating to Offers found on the Website.

Article 4. Use and availability of the Website

1. Fyr does not guarantee that information found on the Website is always correct, up to date, or complete.

2. During the order process, Login details must be filled in by the Customer. It is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure Login details are complete, up to date, and correct.

3. The Customer is responsible and accountable for any use of these Login details.

4. As soon as the Customer knows or has reason to suspect that Login Data has been received or used by unauthorized persons, the Customer shall notify fyr without prejudice to his or her own obligation to take immediate action, such as changing the Login Data.

5. Fyr reserves the right to change the login procedure or the Login details of the Customer if deemed necessary for the proper functioning of the Website.

Article 5. Price and Payment

1. The price stated for the Product or Service is valid at the time it is presented on the Website.

2. BTW (VAT) is included in the stated price. Any additional costs shall be noted on the Website, such as eventual shipping and transaction costs.

3. The available payment methods shall be communicated through the Website.

4. If the Customer does not pay on time or fyr is unable to collect payment via the payment method chosen by the Customer, fyr shall consider the Customer to be in default. Fyr is not required to send a (written) notice of default.

5. If the Customer is in default of payment, the supplier may outsource the claim.

Article 6. Delivery

1. Delivery dates indicated on the Website shall never be regarded as firm dates.

Article 7. Privacy

1. Personal data is transferred to fyr when the Customer visits the website, places an order, or fills in Login details. This personal data shall be processed according to the applicable laws provided for in the Privacy Statement.

Article 8. Conformity

1. If the Product does not meet the expectations conform the Agreement, fyr shall to attempt repair the product within a reasonable time. If for whatever reason replacement or compensation is not possible, fyr shall replace the Product within a reasonable time.

2. In the event that fyr is unable to replace or repair the Product within a reasonable time window, the Customer may seek a third party to perform the repair. Fyr shall compensate for the reasonable costs made by the third party relating to the repair of the Product.

3. In the event the Customer knew or reasonably could have known of the defect, or in the event the nature of the purchased Product or the nature of the defect should reasonably prevent the Customer from relying upon the provisions above.

Article 9. Limitation of Liability

1. Fyr’s liability is limited to the compensation of direct loss regardless of the stated claim for liability.

2. In regard to paragraph 1, fyr defines direct loss as:
     a. Property damage, solely within the meaning of Section 3 Chapter 3 of Book 6 of the Dutch Civil Code (Burgerlijke Wetboek)

    b. Reasonable costs made for avoiding property damage insofar the Customer can prove that the expenses incurred      have led to a limitation in the property damage in relation to the Agreement.

  c. Reasonable expenses made by the Customer to establish the cause and extent of the damage, insofar the damage is directly related to the property damage in relation to the Agreement.

  d. Reasonably made costs made by the Customer to hold fyr accountable for the defective performance in relation to the Agreement.

3. Fyr is not liable for damage or loss other than direct loss as defined in paragraph 2. This includes, but is not limited to, loss of profit, loss of earnings, expected savings, and other similar financial losses as well as loss of goodwill or reputation and all other damage that does not fall within the scope of direct loss.

4. To the extent that fyr is liable, the liability is limited to the stated price of the Service or Product.

5. The right to claim compensation for damage expires one (1) year after the event that caused the damage has taken place.

Article 10. Miscellaneous

1. The Customer may not transfer any rights or obligations from the Agreement to third parties.

2. Dutch law is the applicable law to the Agreement. The application of the CISG is expressly rejected.

fyr coöperatie U.A.